Post Surgery Rehabilitation

Our Post-surgery rehabilitation in therapy involves a structured program aimed at restoring strength, mobility, and function following a surgical procedure. Here’s an overview of what it typically involves:

Post-surgery rehabilitation Canberra
  • Assessment and Goal Setting: After your surgery, you’ll undergo a thorough assessment with your physiotherapist. Together, you’ll discuss your current condition, any limitations, and your goals for rehabilitation. Whether it’s regaining strength to walk comfortably or returning to your favorite activities, your goals will guide your rehabilitation journey.
  • Pain Management: Managing pain is a priority in the early stages of rehabilitation. Your physiotherapist will employ various techniques, such as gentle massage, heat therapy, or TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation), to help alleviate discomfort and promote healing.
  • Range of Motion Exercises: To prevent stiffness and maintain flexibility, you’ll start with gentle range of motion exercises. These movements will be tailored to your specific surgery and capabilities, gradually increasing as you progress.
  • Strength Training: Rebuilding muscle strength is crucial after surgery. Your physiotherapist will design a personalized strength training program focusing on the muscles around the surgical site. Using resistance bands, weights, or bodyweight exercises, you’ll work towards regaining strength and stability.
  • Functional Training: As you advance, your rehabilitation will incorporate activities that mimic your daily tasks or hobbies. Whether it’s bending, lifting, or walking, functional training aims to restore your ability to perform these activities safely and confidently.

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    • Education and Home Exercise Program: Understanding your condition and the importance of rehabilitation is empowering. Your physiotherapist will educate you on proper body mechanics, posture, and techniques to prevent injury. They’ll also provide you with a tailored home exercise program to continue your progress outside of sessions.
    • Progressive Rehabilitation: Rehabilitation is a journey, not a race. Your program will evolve as you improve. Your physiotherapist will monitor your progress closely, adjusting exercises and intensity levels accordingly to ensure steady improvement.
    • Monitoring and Follow-up: Regular check-ins with your physiotherapist are essential. These appointments allow for ongoing assessment, addressing any concerns or setbacks, and refining your rehabilitation plan to keep you on track towards your goals.
    • Return to Activities: Ultimately, the goal of post-surgery rehabilitation is to restore your independence and quality of life. Your physiotherapist will guide you through a gradual return to your desired activities, ensuring that you do so safely and confidently.

Your post-surgery rehabilitation journey with Florey Physiotherapy Canberra will be unique to you, tailored to your needs, abilities, and goals. With dedication, patience, and support from your physiotherapist, you’ll make steady progress towards recovery.


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